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Grandikotaj where he resided, requested him to settle their
dispute. He assembled the learned men and the Makajanas
resident in the place and commanded them to administer justice.
The parties expressing their approval of the procedure adopted
by the Nayadu, the dharmasana adjourned the case to the next
day for enquiry.
That night the grandsons of Lingaraju attempted to win
over Potladurti Narasimha Somayaji, one of the prominent
Mahajanas, to their side by offering him a bribe of three
varahas ; but their efforts were not successful, as he was resolved
to pronounce judgment with due regard to the facts of the case.
They, however, discovered a less scrupulous Mahajana in
Ravadi Narayana Somayaji who was willing to accommodate
them for the sake of the bribe. Having learnt that the party
opposed to his friends had thejayalekha and the jayapatrika of
the Grandikota dharmasana in their possession and that the
Nayadu was already aware of their contents, he advised them
to protest against the commencement of the investigation at
Grandikota on the plea that they would not get justice there.
He also instructed them to go to Tippasamudram for justice,
having at first secured a ' koradi ' at Siiiganamala sthala. He
promised to secure the permission of the Nayadu for going
thither. Then keeping his friends in concealment behind a
screen, he summoned the grandsons of Cinna Timmaraju and
induced them to read the documents in their possession.
While they were engaged in reading the jayalekha and j'07/a-
patrika their opponents quickly made copies of them. After
dismissing the grandsons of Cinna Timmaraju from his
presence, Narayana Somayaji gave his clients a letter
addressed to one of his relations at Tippasamudram together
with some karikas, and assured them that they would get a
favourable decision.
The next day, Narayana Somayaji told the chief that the
parties would not obtain justice at Grandikota and -requested
him. to send them to Singanamala whence they would go to
for justice, having secured a koradi in the